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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Alaska

Traffic violations are widespread in Alaska. If you have violated traffic rules like running a red light, speeding, texting while driving, or many others, then you can get a traffic ticket. Almost all of us have incurred a traffic ticket during our lives. Usually, if contested, most people contest their traffic tickets and chose to represent themselves in traffic court. This is a horrible idea. If you do not pay a traffic ticket, you can be charged with hefty fines, imprisonment, and other expenses. The violations can also result in the suspension of a driving license along with some other difficulties, resulting in a warrant for your arrest. If a traffic ticket occurs issue, consult with an experienced traffic ticket attorney like Eric Derleth in Alaska, and you can expect that your attorney can go to Traffic Court for you, present informed legal advice, can make negotiations and plea bargain, and can defend your traffic ticket aggressively in Traffic Court trials.

Attorney Eric Derleth can help you in getting out of such a fix promptly. At Trial Guy, Our Anchorage car accident attorney Eric Derleth possessed a vast understanding and experience of Alaska law and has helped many people successfully, helped hundreds if not thousands of people for 25 years, resolve traffic tickets without fines, penalties, fees, and insurance increases.

Who is Attorney Eric Derleth?

With an experience of over 25 years in Alaska, the " Trial Guy," Eric Derleth, has assisted the people of Alaska and surrounding areas in cases relating to a traffic ticket. Being born and brought up in Soldotna, Alaska, is in Eric's blood. The pure sense of freedom, choice, and independence is vital in our State. Eric has made it his life mission to fight for everything Alaska has ever represented. Eric knows the people, our neighbors, judges, prosecutors, and more. Don't let a traffic ticket ruin your reputation and increase insurance costs.

Common Traffic Ticket Violations 

We have helped several clients charged with a different traffic tickets related to driving:

  • Racing
  • If you have been arrested for speeding
  • If you are driving carelessly
  • If you are negligent 
  • Aggressive driving
  • Violation of red signal
  • If you take a wrong turn
  • If you have changed the path and moving in a wrong direction
  • Impaired driving in a one-way street 
  • Running from an accident scene
  • Failure in stopping the vehicle 
  • Your motor vehicle registration has expired
  • If you are drunk while driving
  • Texting and chatting while driving
  • Inability to carry driving license
  • Lane violations
  • Reckless driving
  • Running a red light
  • Running a stop sign
  • Speeding

Common Infractions and Penalties

Infringement of traffic laws can cause penalties and punishments, including imprisonment or a warning. This relies on the fact of how serious the violation is. 

The driver has been given an equipment ticket. He can get rid of the traffic ticket by improving and repairing the vehicle and then get evaluated by the police officer. If one has committed general violations like running, speeding then warning or payment of court fee is required. However, if one has committed a severe crime, a trial is needed, and you must appear before the judge. 

Traffic infringement can also result in civil penalties. Your driving license can be suspended or revoked because of the accident caused. If you have committed violations and your merit points have deteriorated, you will cancel your request and not drive anymore. However, you may challenge the allegations.

Negotiating a settlement

You can face prison time or heavy fines if you have infringed the traffic laws. You may get confused about whether to plead guilty or challenge the accusations. There are many situations where the attorney of the opposite party will come to a joint settlement by reducing the fines, jail time, or charges, so the case does not take a long time and is solved quickly.

 For getting a fair settlement, the understanding of the term leverage is essential. Leverage is a bargaining tool. The driver can request and give something to the opposite party for the case settlement. He can either agree that he was at fault or deprive himself of the right to trial. In such cases, you will need a reasonable attorney who can talk and communicate with the prosecutor and get a proper settlement as per your wishes. 

Fighting the Traffic Ticket in court

You will need the best attorney to fight the charges. Sometimes, the accused does not accept the settlement terms, or you have been falsely charged with a crime you have not committed in such a case. It would help if you fought the issue. A reasonable attorney will present your case and put forward the explanations and facts to prove your innocence. He will give the basic version of the accident. He will represent you with complete dedication and commitment. The mission is to instill a speck of doubt in the prosecution case to help you get out of the charges. This is only possible if the attorney is skilled, experienced, and knows the laws well. 

How can we help?

Even minor infringement in traffic rules can cause dangerous circumstances. If you are a driver whose only earning source is driving, getting a traffic ticket can be harmful. It can cause the suspension of a driving license. Also, different type of traffic infringement needs a different strategy, and one need not want to pay huge fines or may face difficulty in recovering the insurance money. 

All these factors can make legal tasks difficult. That is why it is essential to obtain the services of an experienced attorney who will unfold the legal complications and make recovery easy. Our experienced attorney Eric Derleth will let none of you suffer for the punishment you do not deserve. He will use his expertise and resources to provide the best dedicated service to you, all suffering endlessly. 

You can contact us at 907-262-9164 to connect with a skilled traffic ticket attorney in Alaska, Attorney Eric Derleth, serving Anchorage, Soldotna, Kenai, and the Palmer/Wasilla areas of Alaska. Contact today for a free, confidential consultation!


With Alaska in his blood, for 25 years, the "Trial Guy," Eric Derleth has helped the people in Anchorage, Kenai, and Palmer / Wasilla areas as a personal injury and criminal lawyer. Born and raised in Soldotna, Eric truly understands Alaska’s laws, the people, and the true nature of Alaska. The Trial Guy was raised in a log cabin in Alaska with a belief in America, and a belief in strong individual liberty guaranteed by our Constitution and was raised to fight for the rights of all of Alaska. Eric has expanded his criminal defense and auto accident injury lawyers practice near you, with offices in Anchorage and Soldotna. LEARN MORE ABOUT ERIC