If you've been injured by someone such as another driver or a doctor, you generally only have 2 years to sue them in Alaska. The worst thing to do is just wait until those 2 years have nearly gone by before meeting personally with an accident attorney. Don't be a victim of someone else's negligence. Contact our personal injury lawyer, Eric Derleth today for a free case evaluation.




If someone else has injured you, you may have important legal rights including the right to be paid money. Alaskan personal injury lawyer & accident attorney Eric Derleth has the education, the training, and the experience to handle even the most challenging personal injury trials. He can help you understand the facts and law in your case so you can properly evaluate any settlement offers against the challenges of going to trial.


Personal Injury Eric Derleth - Criminal Attorney & Personal Injury Lawyer in Soldotna, Alaska

Juries have been poisoned to believe that anyone who sues for a personal injury is harming them personally – and society as a whole – through higher insurance costs, higher costs of medical care, and by decreasing the quality and availability of care. So, you have to hire an injury attorney who recognizes that these common juror prejudices can't be changed, but instead knows how to use these biases in your favor to help try to ensure you get full compensation for your injuries. You need Alaskan personal injury attorney Eric Derleth.



Personal Injury Eric Derleth - Criminal Attorney & Personal Injury Lawyer in Soldotna, Alaska

If you have been injured by a careless medical provider, including a medical doctor, nurse, hospital, etc., you are entitled to full compensation for any resulting injuries. Without a doubt, medical malpractice cases are among the most complicated and expensive to take to trial, so it is wise to carefully consider which medical malpractice attorney in Alaska you should hire. Eric Derleth is highly skilled in handling medical malpractice trials of all types. Contact Eric Derleth today for a free consultation.



Personal Injury Lawyer in Alaska

If you are injured in a car, motorcycle, or commercial truck accident, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your claim. Personal injuries cause a lot of emotional upheaval and pain. This trauma may make it tough to make sensible decisions regarding your injury or legal representation. A personal injury attorney in Alaska will file personal injury claims on your behalf. They will also assist in bringing knowledge, skill, and experience into your matter, which will help you get the settlement you legally deserve. Most people know that a personal injury attorney can help you get compensation for your mental and physical injuries if you are hurt in any motor vehicle accident. 

Were you or your loved one recently injured in a car accident, wreck, or as the result of another's irresponsible behavior? If you suffered severe injuries, hire a personal injury attorney in Alaska to represent you throughout the process. You deserve to have solid legal representation to ensure justice is served and you recover the compensation you are supposed to.

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Car Accident Consultation

If you or your loved one was injured in an automobile collision, do not face the consequences on your own. At Trial Guy, our Anchorage car accident lawyers can help you fight for justice and the compensation you are entitled to. We have assisted many clients in securing favorable settlements, allowing them the ability to bear critical medical care, make up for lost jobs, and move forward with their lives peacefully. Seeking an appropriate amount can enhance the odds of securing an insurance settlement. A seasoned car accident attorney in Anchorage or Soldotna can review your case and calculate a fair compensation claim. Then, we can assist you in fighting to obtain this amount or, more significantly, from an insurance company or any other negligent defendant in Alaska. You may get existing medical debts, future hospital bills and health care expenses, temporary or permanent disability accommodations, past and future lost wages, and vehicle repairs or replacement.

The State of Alaska follows the “pure comparative fault” rule. Under this rule, you may still recover compensation for your car accident damages even if you were partly at fault for the accident.

Motorcycle accident Consultation in Alaska

No matter what precautions you take, you cannot control other people on the road. Someone else's recklessness may hurt you. Regardless of how your accident occurred, you may have compensation if you were injured in a motorcycle accident due to someone else's negligent actions. You must protect your rights by consulting an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Alaska. Our personal injury lawyers at Trial Guy have offices in Anchorage and Soldotna to help personal injury victims anywhere in Alaska.

Same as other types of personal injury claims, motorcycle accident claims depend highly on liability. In Alaska, do not prove that the other party was at fault for the accident to pursue compensation. Instead, you must show that another person was partially at fault for the accident, the accident caused you serious injuries, and your injuries led to significant economic or mental damages.

Under Alaska's rule of comparative fault, you can still receive compensation for your injuries if you are partially liable for the accident. However, your total recovery amount will be declined by your at-fault percentage if so.

Commercial Truck Accident Consultation

Trucking accidents in Alaska can cause lethal injuries, both physically and mentally. It is always best to get experienced legal representation to trust to act in your best interests. With Trial Guy's experience and legal knowledge, we can assist you in fighting for the maximum monetary compensation you deserve.

Usually, companies truck accidents in Alaska; you are likely to have to deal with the company's attorney. The attorneys want to prevent costs to the company and are likely to present an out-of-court settlement. Often, such offers are far below the injuries and damage you or your loved ones face. And, if you are dealing with a big conglomerate, you will face a complex claims process since various companies are involved. Therefore, it is vital to have a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who is well versed with personal injury law and has vast experience in trucking accidents. A personal injury attorney in Alaska will know of the legal complexities of the trucking industry and a clear understanding of federal and state regulations and will be familiar with the technical make of big rigs.

Wrongful Death Consultation

When a person dies due to the recklessness of an entity, individual, or corporation, certain surviving family members can take legal action. Separate from a criminal action, a wrongful death case is a civil action that allows loved ones to get compensation from the at-fault party's insurance provider. This compensation helps families of victims with the unanticipated financial and emotional effects. In some examples, plaintiffs may seek punitive damages, which are intended to punish liable parties for egregious acts of recklessness and assist in ensuring that similar actions do not occur again.

If you are not an attorney, filing a wrongful death claim may seem like a long and complex legal process. The offending party, rarely, owns up to their wrongs and will make compensation. A qualified wrongful death lawyer in Alaska will analyze your unique situation and inform you of the best options. 

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There are various personal injury cases in Alaska. Everyone is unique and therefore requires specialized attention and true devotion. Our personal injury attorneys will work with you every step throughout the case to reach your potential goals. Attorney Eric Derleth is dedicated to the highest level of service for clients and will promptly answer all your questions thoroughly.

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